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  • GRE 6 joins Sid’s View sponsorship team

    GRE 6 joins Sid’s View sponsorship team

    Bill Gaston & GRE 6 Performance Parts & Supplies has signed on as the latest marketing partner for Vault Productions web series "Sid's View" filmed this season at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. They are the official parts supplier

  • NLWS documentary series delayed: moving to PPV

    NLWS documentary series delayed: moving to PPV

    Release dates for the Vault Productions documentary series "A Chronological History of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl" have been delayed, with no confirmation yet on when parts 3 through 6 will be available.  Parts 1 and 2 were released in late

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    Sid’s View gets new look for 2016

    The Vault Production crew has revised their web series Sid's View for the 2016 season.  Their focus will be capturing specific moments from each race event, whether it's an great side-by-side battle, a wild wreck or exciting finish.  Videos will

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    Sid’s View stats for 2015 season

    Vault Productions have compiled the most watched webisodes from the 2015 season.  Webisodes from this season of ‘Sid’s View’ returned to being primarily filmed at the Waterford Speedbowl.  2014 was the 6th season of the series and the first

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    One Month Later: Bowl Chatter Grinding My Gears!

    So here we are, 7+ years after the word “foreclosure” started hovering over the Speedbowl, including 2 previous times when auctions were scheduled but never happened, and an actual property auction took place on Saturday Oct 18th.  And the way

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    Random Thoughts on a Sad Day for Racing…

    It's late at night... a Saturday night, or I guess Sunday morning at this point.  Saturday is the night of the week that I'm still adjusting to being away from the racetrack.  So, even after a great day with friends, I found myself back in the

  • peg_scoring

    Remembering Peg Gaudreau

    It was only back in April 2013 that Al Gaudreau had passed away, one of the more colorful personalities in Waterford Speedbowl history.  And now here we are some 9 months later and we've also lost his wife of 50 years Peg Gaudreau who passed away

  • 1951 track construction

    A CHANGING WORLD: 120 Things That Happened since the Speedbowl Opened in 1951

    As we've studied racing history in the Northeast over the years, we are continually reminded of just how much the world has changed since the Waterford Speedbowl first opened it's doors on April 15, 1951.  Here's a list in reverse-chronological