YouTube stats for 2012

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Vault Productions have compiled the most watched episodes from the 2012 season.  Their episode series ‘Sid’s View’ was filmed primarily at the Waterford Speedbowl and shot from a fan’s perspective on race day throughout the season.  2012 was the 3rd season of the series and the first to feature the ‘Webby-Cam’ of track official Eric Webster on a regular basis.






  1. Can’t Believe What I Just Saw (Corey Larson hits Paul French under caution)
  2. You Want Some of the This (Harry Rheaume’s wild SK Modified wreck)
  3. This is Gonna Be Ugly (Shawn Monahan spins Chris Meyer at SS finish)
  4. Just Another Night at the ‘Bowl (Josh Galvin flips over in Street Stock race)
  5. Back at the ‘Bowl (NASCAR Modifieds return to Speedbowl for first time since 2006)
  6. Gettin’ Crazy with the In-cars (Tyler Chadwick wins SK race)
  7. Don’t Mind My Rowdy Friends (Sid’s annual Birthday Bash)
  8. Questions, Cameras & Comebacks (Diego Monahan wrecks near scoreboard, car leaves track w/ in-car camera)
  9. VMRS Blast Off 100 (Jon McKennedy wins VMRS 100)
  10. The Title Contenders (Tyler Chadwick earns SK title over Jeff Pearl)

Other misc production notes:

  • Can’t Believe What I Just Saw episode became the most watched episode ever by season’s end.
  • This season’s top 4 are in the Top 10 all-time of most watched episodes.
  • Messin’ with the Go-Pros episode from SK Modified race at Thompson Speedway in October is the most watched of any episode this season shot outside of the Waterford Speedbowl
  • Gettin’ Crazy with the In-cars episode featured 8 different in-car cameras – the most ever used in one event to date.
  • One of Those Afternoons episode was the first to feature the Flagger Cam from atop the flagman’s stand