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Sid’s View is the flagship Vault Productions web series. It is unique as it is shot from a fan’s point of view, typically with producer Tom ‘Sid’ DiMaggio mic’ed up in the grandstands watching the feature events with his friends.  The series is also known for in-car camera footage from multiple cars in several divisions, plus multiple cameras around the track.  At the Speedbowl, the original Webby Cam, worn by longtime official Eric Webster, provide another incredible perspective of the feature events.

Sid’s View was created in 2010 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl and produced there weekly from 2010-2016.  It has also been produced at Thompson Speedway, including the full 2014 season, and for several Modified events held at Seekonk Speedway over the years.  It has been on hiatus since March of 2017, but the Vault Crew continues to discuss plans to return to produce a handful of events when their schedule allows.

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