Speedbowl Doc Shorts | Birth of the Strictly Stocks

This week’s segment from our #SpeedbowlDocSeries is from Part 4 and profiles the origins of the current Sportsman division at the shoreline oval, which debuted in 1988 as the Strictly Stocks with a 4-car race. Those competitors were Allan Wohlstrom, Brad Caddick, Bruce Adams and winner Hank Green. The division grew rapidly which eventually led to the creation of the north pits behind turns 1 & 2. We profile many of the early stars of the division including Ken Cassidy, David Blain, Bob Bruce and cousins Larry Barnett and Mike Holdridge.

Great interviews in this segment from the Korteweg family who created the division, former track announcer Joe Golas, flagman Tony Leckey photographer Steve Kennedy, Dan Darnstaedt, Glen Boss, Ken Cassidy Jr, Don Fowler and Rob Janovic Jr. Also big thanks to Bud Kuehne and Edward Gertsch who provide great footage from the pits during this era and great race footage by Frank Burdick and Dominic Christadore

And as always, be sure to check out all 4 of our completed films so far by visiting speedbowldocumentary.com

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